An acclaimed film critic & freelance film journalist Mr. Manoj Kulkarni has written a large number of articles, which include film criticism, informative analysis, profiles and interviews of famous film personalities. His write ups also include interesting cover stories as well as serious research based articles published in various leading newspapers, periodicals and special issues. He has done 'Film Appreciation Course' in 1989, jointly conducted by 'National Film Archieve of India' (NFAI) and 'Film & Television Institute of India' (FTII).  Before this in 1988, he did post graduation in 'Communication and Journalism' (BCJ) from 'University of Pune'. He started his career in journalism by writing articles and then worked for few newspapers. He has also looked after the editorial work of journal, which got awards! Besides, he contributed regularly to film periodicals. Apart from print media, he has presented few programmes on 'All India Radio', Pune.
In addition to this, he has written scripts for film based programmes of television channels.  His scripts were presented by 'Sanhyadri',Mumbai & 'Zee TV' and highly appreciated.  As an accredited film critic, he  has been attending 'International Film Festival of India' (IFFI) and other film festivals like 'Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films', 'MAMI's 'Festival of Films',Mumbai, 'Asian Film Festival' & 'Pune International Film Festival' and reviewing in his series of articles.
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With rich experience in film journalism and passion towards this medium, Mr. Manoj Kulkarni launched this magazine 'Chitrasrushti' in 2002. This periodical, a novel of its kind, presents a studious view of 'Film' - as powerful medium of mass-communication. From the world cinema point of view it focuses on the history, current status and growth of the film world.
'Chitrasrushti' gives a good perspective about film appreciation and caters to the needs of curious readers & avid film critics. The unique themes dealt with in the different issues of the magazine were appreciated by media & intellectuals. Further, the write ups of Editor - Mr. Manoj Kulkarni, which include film appreciation based special articles and interviews of famous film  personalities in 'Chitrasrushti' special issues were highly appreciated!

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'Chitrasrushti's Special Issues.
Mr. Manoj Kulkarni
Publisher & Editor.

'Chitrasrushti' launched at 'NFAI', Pune (from left)
P. K. Nair, Dr.Jabbar Patel, Shashidharan, Ram Gabale & Manoj Kulkarni.
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